Register your Internationalized Domain Name

Speak to your audience in their own language!

Internationalized Domain Names  are domain names or Web addresses, represented by local language characteristics. When a user types an International Domain Name (IDN) in local language characters, an IDN resolution process is required to locate the corresponding Web address. The goal of Internationalized Domain Names is to improve the international accessibility and functionality of the Internet by allowing users to register domain names in a variety of languages.


With an Internationalized Domain Name you can:

  • Communicate online using your preferred script.
  • Market your products in the native languages of each of the countries where you do business.
  • Strengthen global recognition of your brand by registering your domain name in different scripts.
  • Continue to use our vast product catalog. All of our products support multiple languages.
  • Search for an International Domain using “Western” characters OR Native Language character sets

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